The appam is a dish from Kerala, and is also very common over there. It’s popularity extends all the way till Sri Lanka where it is called as Hoppers. Hoppers is an anglicized version of Appam. ¬†Appam is also a staple diet of many communities in Kerala.

It is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. The mixture of this along with other ingredients is fermented for 24 hours in a container.

There are many variants of appam -

  • Achappam – deep fried rose cookie.
  • Egg Appam – An egg is broken into the appam as it cooks.
  • Honey Appam¬†- Generous amounts of honey or jaggery are put while cooking.
  • Idiyappam – Rice noodles are curled up, and generally served with fish, or chicken curry.

These are just some of the many variants of Appam that are found in South India.