The I Love Indian Food Contest has recently ended and there are so many recipes that have come in from all our lovely participants. First and foremost we would like to thank the participants for sending in so many mouth-watering recipes. We are having such a hard time selecting the winners. The recipes that we have received from you are so unique and elegant, there are some that are very innovative, and then there are some that are refreshed versions of traditional recipes.


All the entries are currently being judged. Even the judges are having a real hard time due to the sheer amount as well the “distractive” nature of the entries. More than once we have found them just ogling at the photographs of the tasty dishes that you have sent. But who can blame them? Being foodies, it just kills them that they cannot actually judge, or rather, taste the recipes that you all have sent.


But be assured that we will be out with the results soon. We have asked the judges to be quick in their judgement and in lieu of which they will be given a delicious treat, so they can stop ogling and start eating!

(Note: The images used above are only meant for representation purposes. The use of images does not construe the decision of the judges, nor does it mean that only these are the recipes that will win.)