Grounded Spices are those spices that just powders of individual spices, unlike blended spices, which are a combination of various spices. The grounded spices can be used individually, or in combination with other spices as desired. Using individual grounded spices allows the cook to fine tune the taste of the recipes. Today we bring for you some of grounded spices from Badshah’s spice container!

1. Turmeric Powder

This medicinal ground spice gives food the right colour and aroma. Badshah gets you the best of this ground spice, as it’s importance in the Indian kitchen and food is simply indispensible.

2. Jeera Powder

Badshah Jeera powder gives taste and is a spice very much loved by the western world for its versatility. Jeera is also a very good soothing agent. It is one the oldest spices mankind has known.

3. Kashmiri Chilly Powder

This vibrant and tasty red chili powder imparts a rich flavour and colour to the dishes it is used in. Used in Tandoori and other barbecue marinades. Mainly used in Indian and Pakistani curries to create the attractive red colour.

4. Ginger Powder

Badshah Ginger powder is light yellow in colour which gives food the aroma and tinge of fresh ginger. Use in your curries and drinks for an unbeaten taste, avoiding the hassle of peeling and crushing ginger.

5. Coriander Powder

This ground coriander or cilantro powder is obtained from the Coriander seed of the coriander plant. As a spice it is used widely in many culinary cultures.

These spices are made from the authentic spice recipes, so that your dishes taste exactly the same as they should. Tell us in comments below about your experiences of cooking with these spices.