Paranthas are round flat bread with layers. The paranthas are pan fried in cooking oil or ghee. The Paranthas can be stuffed aswell. Stuffings include potatoes, onions, cauliflower, and eggs. The paranthas are generally complimented with pickles and curd. Before serving, the paranthas are heavily smeared with ghee. This makes the paranthas a very heavy meal. Today we take a look at some of the commonly consumed paranthas.

1. Chana Dal Stuffed Paratha

Chana Dal Stuffed Paratha

This Parantha is stuffed with boiled and mashed lentils.

2. Onion Parantha

Onion Parantha

Finely chopped onion, with green chillies, are stuffed in the Parantha, and then the parantha is served with a mixed pickle.

3. Gobhi Parantha

Gobhi Parantha

Parantha stuffed with grated Cauliflower.

4. Aloo Parantha

Aloo Parantha

One of the most commonly known, Aloo Parantha is widely consumed parantha in India.

5. Egg Parantha

Egg Parantha

In egg Parantha, one side is plain while there’s a layer of egg on the other side. This is generally complimented with ketchup or pickles.

So there you have it, 5 of the best paranthas. Write in the comments below what you feel about them and your experiences cooking them.