The Summer is here, but it’s not long awaited. Each year the summer seems to be hotter than the last year. But then again, it’s extremely hot this year, and its just April, who knows what will happen in May! Before you head out, make sure that you apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen lotion. Carry your goggles with you and use them. Your eyes also need protection from the bright light and heat.

Apart from that, your body also needs to be hydrated. We have made Jaljira powder for you so that you can make a cool, soothing beverage to cool down. This can also be sprinkled over juices and soft drinks. Jaljira neutralises the acids present in fruits.

In Hindi, Jal means water and Jira means cumin. Although it can be just mixed with plain water, the most common beverage made with Jaljira is lemonade. It can also be sprinkled over various fruits as mentioned above. Do you have any beverage recipe? We would like to hear from you in comments below!