Cooking is a skill that can bring smile to lots of faces. Making lip smacking recipes is an art, and we, at Badshah Masala, have decided to appreciate the best artists. If you think you can make the tastiest Indian dishes, we want you to participate in our I Love Indian Food Contest. The contest is very, very simple – all you need to do is prepare Indian recipes at your home, take some photos while preparing them, some photos and selfies with the final presentation, write down the recipe, and then send us the photos and the recipes to us.

Then amongst all the entries we will choose 3 winners who will get the prizes – 1st Prize of Rs. 25000 worth of shopping vouchers from Badshah Masala, 2nd Prize of Rs. 10000 worth of shopping vouchers from Badshah Masala, and a 3rd Prize of Rs 5000 worth of shopping vouchers from Badshah Masala. Then there are 10 consolidation prizes worth Rs 700 of shopping vouchers, each.

Plus, all those who participate get a certificate of appreciation from Badshah Masala.

Follow these steps to qualify your entries for participation:

Step 1. Prepare the fresh ingredients for your recipes.

Step 2. Cook your recipes and try to take some photos while cooking. You can ask your friends, spouse, neighbours, any one to take a photo. Just don’t forget to let them taste what you cook.

Step 3. Present your recipes.

Step 4. Take a photo of yourself with the recipe.

Step 5. Narrate your experience of cooking the recipes

You can click photos of your family as well.

There is no limit on the number of entries that you can submit. Submit as many entries as you can.

Improve your chances of winning by using Badshah Masalas in your recipes and mentioning them in your narration.

Step 6. Submit your entries by either of the ways below.

1. Facebook Post – You can send in your entries with photos and narration as a post on our Facebook page –, with #ILoveIndianFood. If you post your entry on our Facebook page, email us your contact details with a reference to your post at[email protected]. Mention clearly in the email, your name as it appears in the Facebook post, 2-3 lines from the narration, and the date of the post.

2. Via Facebook message – Send in your photos, narration, contact details via a Facebook Message to our page,

3. Email to us at [email protected]. Email us your photos, narration, contact details at [email protected]

4. Blog – If you are a blogger, you can make a blog of it, and send us the link to your blog to [email protected]

5. Comment on this Contest Blog with your photos and narration. Send us your contact details to [email protected] with a reference to your comment, clearly mentioning your name as it appears on the comment.

6. You must send in photos of the preparation and cooking stages of the recipe along with the presentation photo.

7. You, the entrant, must be in the presentation and cooking photos as well for the entry to be valid. This step is compulsory to make your entries valid. Photos without the entrant in them will be disqualified.

But you need to follow some rules to make sure that you entries don’t get disqualified:

1. The recipes must be Indian only. Foreign recipes will be disqualified.

2. Entries received after 23:59:59 on 15th September will not be entertained.

3. All disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

4. Decision of judges at Badshah Masala and Jhaveri Industries will be final and binding.

5. Winners will be intimated on their contact details, and also announced on the website, on this page.

6. Entries of participants who do not email their contact details and/or photos of the dishes and/or the recipe write up will be disqualified.

7. All entries received will be the ownership of Badshah Masala, and Badshah Masala reserves the right to use, publish or modify them in any way.

8. “3 years’ worth of Masalas” refers to the 1st prize of Rs. 25000 shopping voucher.

9 . The shopping vouchers can be redeemed only on, within a period of 3 years from the date of issue.

10. Ideas copied from those of other entrants will be disqualified and only the entry that is received first will be considered as original.

11. If you submit an entry to us, it will be deemed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions as presented on this page.

Now make sure that you mark these important dates in your calendar! You don’t want to miss them.

  • Entries must be submitted on or before 15th September, 2015
  • The winners will be announced by 25th September, 2015.

We are eagerly waiting for your delicious entries.